Toyota Prado 2014


The 2014 Toyota Prado is a huge SUV meant mostly for the Australian market, which is present there for over 17 years, with 200,000 copies sold puts in the very popular SUV.

The SUV is practically as qualified in sturdy off-road job as the LandCruiser 200 it goes well with. It could definitely do a lot more than the normal SUV duty of carting kids and purchasing in the routine suburban travelling runs.

There’s lots of selection within the Prado range with both five-door and three-door variations and petrol and diesel motor. The short wheelbase three-door is just provided with the diesel powerplant while the diesel five-door features the option of five or seven seats in the entry-level GX model.


In 2014, Toyota Prado will certainly be supplied in 7 models: SX, ZR, GX, GXL, VX, Kakadu and Height Scandal sheet. These versions will perform both the 3 and 5-door, and it causes 4.0 L WT-i V6 gasoline engine and 3.0 L turbo diesel engine (175hp and 410 Nm of torque). If we think about the gas economy of diesel engines (8.5 l/100km -28 mpg), we realize that this is a very acceptable intake for a 2500kg hefty car. Its gas usage in off-road driving problems does not surpass 10.5 l/100km -22.5 mpg.

A minimal edition version called the Prado Elevation went on sale in May. Based on the GXL version it included around $10,000 of components with a $5000 price surcharge. Production stopped at the end of June so you should hurry along to your local dealership if you intend to grab one. Toyota Prado is covered by Toyota Solution Advantage capped-price servicing at $210 each service.


The 2014 Toyota Prado is a great family automobile with 7 seats that will certainly make every family members trip unforgettable encounter. The interior is spacious as we would certainly expect from a car of these dimensions. The front seats are extremely comfortable and well created, however legroom in the 2nd row of seats deficiency. The 3rd row seat is suitable for children, but the genuine purpose of get, folding and kipping down the payload location. A small trouble could be a device of opening the rear doors. It is open to the side, instead of up, which needs steering behind the auto.

Some of the components that this SUV offers: 18-inch alloy wheels, pre-collision detection system (automated brakes), down-hill help control, CRAWL control modern technology (as the boat trip control works on specific tires), five-star ANCAP safety ranking, natural leather seats, 3-zone climate control, JBL audio system with 17 presenters, rear DVD enjoyment system, satellite navigation, smart entry and start, radar cruise control, auto parking sensing units, reverse camera.


Engine options are a 4.0-litre V6 gas and 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel V6. Our review Prado had the diesel, which is a contemporary common-rail device that places out 127kW of power. Diesel torque of 410 Newton metres is offered at a very helpful band that runs from 1600 to 2800 rpm, so most motorists will have the torque at its top many of the time.

The average owner of a vehicle such as this isn’t really searching for featuring mechanics. Trip convenience in the Prado is good and, regardless of its dimension, it’s simple to steer, with great outward presence and a tight turning circle (for a huge 4WD). Dealing with is unexceptional, with the suspension leaning in the direction of supplying a good trip.

Road grip and total mechanics are fine for the typical customers in this SUV market segment. Car parking could be an issue till you obtain used to the bulk of the auto so individuals moving from autos to a large SUV could battle initially although all but the GX version now included a turning around camera. Inside the Prado there’s excellent area all round with the rear seats able to slide back and forward. The third-row seats where fitted fold flat when they are not required to increase the already-good load area.

Off-road the suspension works brilliantly, virtually switching to a different mechanical mode to give much greater wheel travel. Complement that with advanced traction electronics, that are more and more complex as you pay extra for the high-end models, and the Prado upholds its reputation as being a real 4WD in a vehicle class that’s mainly occupied by pretenders.


GXL 4.0-litre petrol five-door wagon: $62,635 (automatic)
VX 4.0-litre petrol five-door wagon: $76,635 (automatic)
Kakadu 4.0-litre petrol five-door wagon: $90,135 (automatic)
GX 3.0-litre turbo-diesel five-door wagon: $55,990 (manual), $58,254 (automatic)
GXL 3.0-litre turbo-diesel five-door wagon: $61,135 (manual), $63,635 (automatic)
VX 3.0-litre turbo-diesel five-door wagon: $77,635 (automatic)
Kakadu 3.0-litre turbo-diesel five-door wagon: $91,135 (automatic)
SX 3.0-litre turbo-diesel three-door wagon: $56,090 (automatic)
ZR 3.0-litre turbo-diesel three-door wagon: $67,135 (automatic)

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