2014 Opel Insignia


Right here you could find all info regarding the upgraded 2014 Opel Insignia, that reaches new heights in regards to sophistication, high quality and performance. This high-end sporting activities car is likewise really eco friendly. It will made its debut at the Frankfurt Electric motor Program in September 2013.

Opel’s layout viewpoint, that sculptural workmanship satisfies German precision, has progressed primarily on the front of the auto. The chrome grille gloss is larger and lower than before. Strip holding the Opel company logo is thinner at the ends of a vertical fins that aesthetically connect with revamped headlights.

Relying on the setup of 2014 Opel Insignia, these fronts lights will feature bi-xenon headlamps and security lighting device AFL +. Front lights housings are black, high-gloss chrome with embossed information and include daytime operating lights in a distinctive wing-shaped LED lights. Specifics below the bumper are created to act little and extensive, in order to highlight the size of the upper grille. Fog lights are incorporated with wide black inserts and chrome accents.


The brand-new 2014 Opel Badge is proportionately larger and lower at the back. The chrome strip is put on the lower tailgate and features Opel company logo. Brake lights are lengthen and include a narrow turning around lights. By doing this, tail lights are visually broken down in to two parts.

In addition, the Opel Insignia also provides a range of technical, protection and components to enhance comfort. This consists of radar and supplementary devices based upon cams, the flexible trip control to inform the lateral blind corner, warning of a direct accident and the device of the 2nd generation park aid, superior seats approved by AGR and “Open & Start” device for access and ignition without main.

At Opel claim, that during the advancement of the cockpit, they were concentrated on three requirements: clear, basic and user-friendly, therefore, supply personalization solutions for information and home entertainment, and comfort and safety for the driver and front guest.


The control panel will have a terrific simpleness, so that now there are a few buttons, and device administration for info and amusement will be quicker and user-friendly. The new generation of multimedia systems can be worked by contacting the 8-inch screen. From the house screen, the vehicle driver could access all the functions and sub-menus, such as radio stations, song titles, associated with your smart-phone or 3D site navigation chart, and pushing the button, the touch-screen, voice control, or making a brand new touch-fall.

Likewise the brand-new 2014 Opel Coat of arms has broadened selection of engines so there will certainly be choice of 3 alternative drive systems– fuel, diesel motor and engine power plants that make use of LPG (dissolved petroleum gas). Engines will certainly have range from 110 hp to 325 hp.


The intake, on Regalia with new 2.0 liter turbo diesel motor which will create 120 hp, will be only 3.7 liters of gas per 100 km in the bundled pattern. Discharge of CO2 will certainly be only 99 g / km This variation of engine will be incorporated with a 6-speed transmission device and the Start / Stop system.

Also there will be market of turbo diesel motor with 120 hp that will create 320 Nm torque, a design with 140 hp that will develop 370 Nm. These high worths of torque are due to using automatic overboost feature. The brand-new 2014 Opel Badge with diesel engine 2.0 BiTurbo CDTI with 195 hp will reaches torque worths of 400 Nm.

Among the turbo fuel engines are designated 2 devices with direct treatment: 2.0 SIDI Turbo with 250hp and 400 Nm of torque, and the 1.6 SIDI Turbo with 170ks and 260-280 Nm. of torque. Both engines can be paired with a six-speed manual gearbox and start / stop function, or a new six-speed automatic transmission. In addition to front-wheel drive, 2.0 L SIDI version is available with drive on all four wheels.

luxury car

As an alternative to conventional drive systems there is a cost-effective option, the Opel Insignia 1.4 installation o with 140 hp with a maximum torque of 200 Nm. Like the petrol version, a variant of the liquefied petroleum gas meets the strict criteria of the future Euro 6 standards when it comes to emissions, with fuel consumption of 7.6 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 124 g / km.

The car will be available first to customers in Germany, from 21 June, in versions with four-and five-door model, as well as the Sports Tourer version. Prices for new Insignia will start at 24.325 euro.

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