2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe


Take your very first look at the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe. Amongst the exact few to be sorted as a coupe despite having 4 doors and a seating ability of 5 (4 for optimum comfort), this new creation is without a doubt an eye-turner.

The idea of the CLA was mooted and previewed by the 2012 Concept Style Coupe, which was exhibited internationally as a sneak peek to this new product. Adjusting it’s chassis from it’s more youthful W176 A-Class and the older W246 B-Class, the CLA is a wonder in both engineering and wind resistant making. The CLA also clinched the top spot as the most wind resistant automobile ever before produced, with it’s nuisance coefficient standing at 0.23, lower than the Tesla Version (0.24).


The one and only variant launched below, the CLA200 homes a 1,595 cc inline-4 turbo engine, which places out concerning 156 horses and 250 Nm of torque. It is said that the more highly effective CLA250 will eventually debut right here following year, although there was no reason provided as to why the long gap and delay. It is additionally not likely that Mercedes will generate the CLA180 variant, which basically is the same engine but creating 30 much less horses.

The inline-4 turbocharged 1,595 cc engine places out 156 horse power, enabling the CLA to strike 100 from 0 in simply 8.5 seconds. It showcases a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission for an enhanced gas usage, causing the car drinking only 5.5 litres every 100 kilometers (not too bad, considering my Elantra is clocking 7 now).


With a vibrant sports presence, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe stands out from the rest in it’s course. It features, as an optional package, a diamond-radiator grille, including a touch of aggressiveness to the vehicle.

The CLA additionally features it’s Accident Avoidance Help, which works by means of 2 little sensors at the front air vents, determining the distance between your CLA and the vehicle in front. It will, according to sources, emit a small beep when you come too near to the auto in front at broadband. Fairly redundant if it’s going to beep merely when, however nonetheless, a safety component good to have.

Word additionally has it that the current batch of delivery does not showcase Mercedes’ signature LED Daytime Running Lights, but the next delivery in a month’s time will consist of both the operating lights and Bi-Xenon headlamps for added exposure on the road.


The CLA operates on stock 225/40 R18 tyres, but if you opt for the AMG Line package deal, you’ll get the different AMG 5-twin talked alloy wheels (as visualized above). Not that it is essential, for the basic 18 ″ currently looks sensational on its own.

Extra alternatives that features the AMG Line will certainly feature your common bodykit, perforated front disc brakes, decreased suspension, and a two-pipe rear exhaust device with square tailpipe rims (with the AMG carvings).

The interior of the CLA offers what most other Merc would certainly offer– typical center console design, with the A/B course affixed 5.7 ″ LCD display screen and the sporting activities air disadvantage vents.


Having the three spoked multi-function wheel is also the inclusion of paddle shifters for those who desire an additional stimulating ride, and the gear lever stick, changed from your facility console panel to save even more room.

The common URBAN Line CLA likewise features a 20-disc CD changer, inclusive of USB and Bluetooth attributes for added advantage. For technician peeps who wish for an enhanced sound experience, the 7-speaker Harmon Kardon Logic 7 border sound system is available too, at a price naturally.

While GPS is nota standard option on the URBAN Line (unless you opt for the COMAND Online add-on), Mercedes could do an integrated GPS for you on your stock screen, provided they figure out the wiring on time before the delivery of your car. The screen also serves as a reverse camera display, which most drivers would find useful when navigating their vehicle into a lot.

side view

That being said, the CLA also comes with Active Parking Assist, which basically allows you to park your car hands-free. Sensors around the 4.6m long car aids in controlling the steering wheel, leaving you to only work on the pedals while the car parks itself. This however, only works for parallel parking according to sources.

For those worried about leg room at the rear, you’d be pleased to know that there is decent space available, almost the equivalent of your Honda Civics and Hyundai Elantras. The ARTICO man-made leather seats are comfortable. The only thing missing from the rear of this compact class coupe is perhaps the lack of air con vents at the center console – but the three huge vents at the front would work just as well.


The Mercedes-Benz CLA200 is open for booking now, and prices start from 28,977 euros for the CLA 180 model, to 37,991 euros for CLA 220 CDI model.

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